Sale of residential projects

  • providing all necessary information and documents about property, property visit
  • legal service – preparation of contract documents related to sale/purchase of property
  • free consulting in area of property financing, arrangement of mortgage under favourable financing conditions
  • providing certified expert for necessary expertise
  • representation of client in communication with banks and land registry
  • on-going informing of client throughout the process of purchase

Intermediation of properties purchase to thousands of satisfied clients of residential projects.

Sale and rental of office and commercial premises

  • analyses of market and proposal of appropriate form of property rental/sale/purchase
  • preparation of offer based on client’s requirements
  • on-going monitoring of commercial properties market
  • elaboration of marketing study for successful occupation of property
  • active search of clients and use of own contacts database, which is constantly updated and edited
  • communication with perspective clients, property visit
  • personal negotiations, negotiating particular business conditions with each perspective client of property
  • preparation of legal agenda required for transfer of property
  • we cooperate with other real estate agencies in order to extend the offer for clients

Hundreds of m² of successfully rented administrative and office area.

Free mortgage consulting

  • free consultation and proposal of optimum financing model, cooperation with all banks offering mortgage
  • arrangement of favourable financing conditions
  • taking care of smooth process of mortgage arrangement, from submission of application until financial resources drawdown
  • representation of client in communication with bank and land registry
  • on-going informing of client during arrangement of mortgage, administration related to handling, providing documents and contract documentation

We annually arrange mortgage for 150 satisfied clients. We cooperated on several residential projects. Cooperation with financial company Gepard Finance.

Development and coordination of investment plans

  • acquisition of investment opportunities on real estate market
  • thorough analysis and assessment of investment plan from different perspectives
  • analysis of project location from residential perspective
  • assessment and proposal: flats arrangements, flats size and their layouts, standard equipment
  • proposal of appropriate marketing tools and price calculation
  • preparation of contract documentation necessary for sale
  • proposal of solution system of client changes
  • sale strategy, individual steps of sale process
  • expected development of sale from time perspective and amount of sold units
  • draft of project properties pricelist
  • provision of own experience and know-how in area of residential properties sale
  • provision of marketing in terms of marketing plan during the sale of the project
  • sale by professional brokers, property visits
  • active search of clients and use of own contact database, which is constantly updated and edited
  • free mortgage consulting for clients in cooperation with mortgage banks
  • personal consultation of contract documentation and possible contract comments with each client
  • ensuring the signature of contract documentation
  • administrative activity for land registry during construction and final inspection of property
  • reports on sale development and interest of clients for developer in regular periods
  • cooperation during delivery of properties to buyers
  • administrative activity for land registry after final inspection of object

IURIS, ltd. has been ensuring for several years, within its development activity, coordination and arrangement of property sale in three phases: project preparation phase, project sale phase and finalization of sale.

Monitoring and analysis of real estate market

  • analysis of real estate market development and news
  • on-going monitoring of real estate market, collection of information
  • reports on real state of real estate market
  • overview of future investment plans on real estate market

As one of few long-time established real estate agencies on real estate market, we can draw on 20 years of experience, assess the real market trends and needs of clients.